Software Engineering in PHP
This course includes 28 weekly meetings, delivered in HIT. The weekly meetings take place on Friday mornings (0800-1200). The course starts on October 27th 2017. The course will be delivered in Hebrew. The training material was developed in English. The social friendly course tuition is 6800 shekels.
Taking this course you will be able to develop the server side of web applications in PHP.

The entire course will be captured on video in order to allow you going over the material in between the meetings.

Prerequisites for taking the course is the ability to read technical texts in english, and basic knowledge in software development.

The course covers the required material for taking the Zend Certified PHP Engineer exam, and beyond. You can find the detailed plan at
Professional Training
1. Captured on Video

The entire seminar will be captured on video and will be available online for watching afterwards. Participants will be able to post questions into those video clips and get a professional reply added to the video.
2. Fishing Rode

Learning new technologies in software development, the precious time in class should be dedicated for the more difficult topics. The simpler ones will be left for self learning.
3. Soft Copy

The entire training material, including all slides, the assignments and their solutions will be available online during the seminar and afterwards. They will be accessible from every device connected with the internet.
4. Fast and Effective

Technologies continuously change and evolve. We continuously update our training material and develop new ones.
5. Clean Code

Each and every programming language has its own style guide. We stick to these style guides in every training we deliver.
6. Architectural and Design

Every platform has its unique architecture. We focus on the architecture and the design aspects in every topic we deliver.
Your Tutor
Haim Michael
Software Development Trainer, Consultant & Developer
Haim Michael (Israel) has more than 20 years of experience in software development, training & consulting. During the years, Haim has taught both academic and professional courses on C\C++, Java, Java EE, PHP, Scala, Android, HTML5, .NET, JavaScript and UML. During the years 2001-2007 Haim has focused on running Zindell Technologies, through which he has developed more than 200 titles for mobile telephones, both games and applications, and published them worldwide. As of 2007, Haim focuses on developing free online software development courses, you can find at Haim is a PHP Zend Certified Engineer, OMG Certified UML Professional, Certified Java Professional and a Certified Java EE Web Components Developer. In addition, Haim Michael holds MBA (cumlaude) from Tel-Aviv University.

You can find the tutor's blog at You can find reviews for the tutor at The tutor's channel on youtube is at You can also find more info about the tutor in linkedin at

A brilliant and extremely talented lecturer. Knows Java and OOP like the back of his hand. He has broad view of many programming languages, and each one he knows profoundly. Haim is a very rare and skilled programmer to whom every company would pay lots of money to have and keep. Above all he is a good person.
Haim is the best lecturer I had. He has the passion to learn as well as to teach, and he passes on this passion to his students. Everything he teaches, is explained in depth so the students will have all the tools needed to deal with all kinds of problems. The practical exercises he gives are on the spot and really helps understanding the theoretical material.
Haim is a wonderful teacher who is in an endless search of knowledge, his wide knowledge in various subjects was more than what i could expect of a teacher. Haim's expression skill is astonishing, and helped me personally in understanding complicated subjects. Haim is an outstanding teacher, a wonderful person, and i am happy i have had the chance to learn so much from him.
If you are interested to learn something and Haim teaches it –don’t hesitate! I am a Java EE professional and a lecturer myself, and found his course sterling. I learned so much, and enjoyed every minute of it. Haim is a real professional. He has DEEP knowledge in an amazing range of technologies and the passion for both technology and teaching. I was amazed by his ability to teach so many topics to an heterogeneous audience composed of students with different levels without compromising anyone.
The best lecturer I ever had. He's very professional and give personal attention to each and every student. I finished the course with a lot of knowledge that helped me in job interviews. Thank u haim!
Haim was my Java teacher and my first Java employee in Zindell Technologies Ltd. Well, what can I say? He's amazing lecturer and one of the best bosses I ever had. Man of a great vision, great heart and amazing verbal capabilities. He believed in me from day one, and I hope I make him proud.
I enjoyed a 3 full days python course, from the basics to high level and practicalities. Haim is a capable lecturer, very well organised, most up to date. I am glad at the oportunity given to me to hear the course given by Haim, and look forward to hear more courses. Enterprises who want to introduce their employees to computer languages, environments, better invite Haim for a course!
Michael came to Amdocs Cyprus for a 4 day course in Web Technologies. Within these 4 days we covered a vast range of topics, in great depth. Michael is a true professional and has an immense breadth of knowledge. I would not hesitate to say that he's one of the best speakers we've ever had in our company.
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